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Technology Education Leaders of Arkansas

TEL-AR is the constituent group of Arkansas Association of Educational Administrators (AAEA) for K-12 Technology Leaders in Arkansas. TEL-AR is also a state chapter of CoSN. Therefore, there are two ways to be a member of TEL-AR:

  • CTO individual membership to TEL-AR/AAEA

  • District membership to TEL-AR/CoSN

CTO Individual Membership in AAEA

Becoming a member of TEL-AR through AAEA connects the district technology leader (CTO) to the premier association for Arkansas educational administrators.  AAEA exists to promote high standards of leadership through quality professional development, influencing legislation and policy, stimulating and fostering support and building successful coalitions.  

Joining TEL-AR through AAEA can be done on the AAEA website.  Initial membership is based on salary.  The first constituent group per membership is free, and each additional constituent group membership is an additional $25.  Click here for more information and to join TEL-AR through an AAEA individual membership

CoSN District Membership

Becoming a CoSN District through TEL-AR will give your district full access to all the resources we have to offer as well as access to CoSN's website where you can find valuable information to help you become a better technology leader.  When your district joins TEL-AR it comes with a district membership to CoSN.

Pricing Structure (Annual Cost)

  • Small Schools ( < 2,500 Students) - $500 

  • Medium Schools (2,500 to 10,000 Students) - $1,200

  • Large Schools (>10,000 Students) - $1,700

To Join TEL-AR and CoSN or if you have any questions about membership email

Link to CoSN/TEL-AR Membership Page -

Link to Tel-AR W-9

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